Partial and full restoration of a Citroën Mehari

To be able to fully enjoy the comfort of a Citroën Mehari, a few things are necessary, such as good seats, decent suspension, etc. And for not suffering too much from the wind and rain when you’re out for a drive, a well-fitted roof with canvas covers is also essential.

You can come to the 2CV Mehari Factory with your Mehari for partial restorations, a total restoration, or even a new Mehari.

Curious about some of our projects? Take a look at our examples of restoration of the Mehari.

And if you don’t own a Mehari, there are always options for enabling you to daydream in this classic!

You can also hire a Citroën Mehari or buy a Citroën Mehari.

Partial restoration of a Citroën Mehari

The Mehari is the ideal car for driving around in the summer, enjoying the sun and a cool breeze.

But the sun can also have a harmful effect on the colour of your bodywork. The roof and canvas covers can also be affected by the weather, as well as by putting the roof up and down repeatedly…

If you own a Mehari that you want to have partially refurbished because it no longer looks so good but its still runs reliably, then you should come to the 2CV Mehari Factory.

We can take on your Mehari for you, while taking your requirements, budget and timing into account.

Everything is possible: replacing (part of) the bodywork, new upholstery on the seats, new roof/tubular frame and so on. We can also do anything mechanical, of course, such as overhaul the engine or gearbox.

Make and appointment and bring your Mehari along to see us so that we can take a look at what we can do for you.

Curious about some of our projects? Take a look at examples of our restoration projects.

Total restoration of a Citroën Mehari

Despite the weather in Belgium, the Mehari is still a very attractive and sought-after car.

Enjoying the summer is just great in a car that looks so cool – as well as being totally mechanically reliable so that you can drive to the coast and back.

You can come to the 2CV Mehari Factory for the total restoration of your Mehari.

We take care of everything: the rolling base (chassis, suspension arms, axles, wheels, driveshaft, etc.), the tubular frame, bodywork, interior and roof. Various colours and qualities are available for the materials, which means we can work entirely in accordance with your wishes and budget.

This is how we work:

You make an appointment with us and come along with your car. We discuss your requirements and look at what we need to find for your car.

Based on this, we make an indicative price quote and if you approve it, a restoration agreement is drawn up.

While carrying out the work, we take lots of photos of your car and give them to you afterwards so that you can watch the whole process again. Of course you are welcome to come and see you car while the work is going on – just let us know you’re coming beforehand.

Curious about some of our projects? Take a look at examples of our restoration projects.

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