Repairing and maintaining a Citroën Mehari

As we have already said, mechanically speaking, a Citroën Mehari is not very different from a 2CV. But when it comes to bodywork, they are poles apart.

After driving around for many years, the ABS plastic body is often weathered by the sun, cracked or even has parts missing. And unlike with a metal body, it’s not so easy just to weld another piece on.

The structure of the Mehari, with its tubular frame, also makes it difficult to get to certain locations to carry out a repair.

But as the result of our many years of experience in restoring Meharis, we are able to carry out mechanical repairs quickly and easily. For repairs to the bodywork, we can use original parts that are coloured all the way through (and hence won’t discolour), or else spray them with paint that resists the effects of the sun better than the original paint.

If you want to have a repair carried out, we recommend that you first make an appointment and bring the car along so that we can take a good look at it. It is often better to tackle a number of issues or problems at the same time whenever possible in order to avoid unnecessary disassembly work is.

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