Building a new Citroën Mehari

There’s nothing like being able to put your dream car together yourself – and with the Mehari, the possibilities are endless!

Thanks to the plastic bodywork, there are countless options in terms of colour. And if the colour doesn’t exist, we’ll create it for you! Through our collaboration with Citroparts – your online webshop for Mehari spare parts we can supply most of the parts for the Mehari using the original moulds, with the new parts standing up to UV better than the original colours.

Additional options are also possible with the Mehari, which are more difficult to incorporate in a 2CV – such as a radio. Again, we have all the experience you need!

Just like with a new 2CV, we start a new Mehari from zero. Original vehicle documents are required. Contact us for more information about the possibilities in Belgium for a 4-seater or 2-seater.

You can also configure your dream car online. Or, you can make an appointment and we’ll look at the various options and steps with you.

Because in addition to various type of chassis, there are also different sorts of tubular frames. The most choices are in terms of the bodywork: old type, new type, or new type with old type dashboard – and then all of the colours!

Everything is possible, so don’t hesitate and get ready to enjoy this summer in a great classic!

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