Work on the body of a Citroën Mehari

The bodywork of a Citroën Mehari consists of around twenty separate parts made from in ABS plastic. Over time, these parts may lose their shine, as well as become harder and more brittle, which means they will crack or break more quickly.

Through our collaboration with Citroparts – your online webshop for Mehari spare parts the 2CV Mehari Factory is able to use original parts for the Citroën Mehari that include additional UV protection in the plastic. These body parts are available in most of the colours originally used by Citroën. Of course there is always the possibility of giving your Mehari the colour(s) of your choice!

The bodywork is not welded like a Citroën Ami, Dyane or 2CV. The parts are fitted using rivets or pop rivets. This makes it difficult to replace just one part at a time, because often other parts have to be removed, which may cause damage.

Does your Mehari have damaged parts, or would you like to make your car stand out from the rest by having a colourful yellow or orange body? If so, make an appointment for a no-obligation price quote!

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