Welding work on a Citroën Ami, Dyane, Acadiane, …

The 2CV Mehari Factory has worked on many Amis, Dyanes or Acadianes and what strikes us most with the majority of these classics is the amount of rust. The average Ami or Dyane is often in a far worse state than a 2CV.

Because not many new spare parts were made for the bodywork, inserting joint-welds for a door sill is no easy task and few hobbyists would dare tackle such a task.

But we have already met many challenges like this in our workshop, such as fixing holes and rust in places that are virtually inaccessible. Thanks to our many years of experience, our machines and a good dash of creativity, we always succeed in delivering a Citroën A-type that is totally cool again – plus it’s well protected against rust so that this classic can keep on going for another 20 years.

Don’t wait too long before coming to see us with this type of problem. Because the longer you wait, the more serious the problem can become – and often it’s not even visible! Want to restore your Ami, Dyane or other A-type to its former glory? Make an appointment, and we’ll take a look together at what we can do to make these wonderful classics shine again.

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