Repairing and maintaining a Citroën Ami, Dyane, Acadiane, …

Citroën A-types (Ami, Dyane, Acadiane, AK, AZ, etc.) are more rare than 2CVs or Meharis, because fewer of them were produced. And parts for these classics are more difficult to find.

However, the mechanics of these A-types differs little from the 2CV and thanks to our collaboration with Citroparts – your online webshop for Citroën spare parts we are able to carry out all of the repairs needed to the engine, gearbox or brake system. New chassis are also available for most of these A-types.

However, the bodywork of the Ami, Dyane or Acadiane is totally different from the 2CV and because these cars are so rare, few spare parts were also produced for them. The body parts are often in poor condition and rusty, particularly for the Ami, which is more prone to rust than its other cousins. This means that a proper repair is required if you don’t want the remainder of the car to be adversely affected.

You can come to the 2CV Mehari Factory with any A-type, however rare, for top-quality repairs or maintenance. If we can’t find new parts for what we need, we will go looking for alternatives so that we can continue to guarantee your future driving pleasure!

If you don’t yet own one of these rare gems but feel you’d like to, take a look at our range of Citroëns for sale. Maybe your dream car is already here waiting for you!

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