Welding work on a Citroën 2CV

Every 2CV enthusiast has experienced it: you see a great-looking 2CV, but when you lift the floor mat or look underneath the car… holes and rust everywhere.

The average 2CV already has a rich history of journeys and trips. And every owner treats his/her 2CV differently: there are those who only take their car out when the weather’s fine in the summer, while others drive it every day, regardless of whether it’s raining or freezing. Naturally the weather has an effect on the metalwork, but the car’s age and anti-rust treatment also matter. You are welcome for an anti-rust treatment with your Citroën 2CV.

But sometimes an anti-rust treatment makes little sense if the condition of the part in question is too bad.That’s when welding or replacing the part altogether is the only solution.

You can come to the 2CV Mehari Factory for minor welding work, such as inserting a new inner wing, or a part of the floor plate. Somethimes though, more significant work is required, such as replacing the whole floor and sills. This is  painstaking work that requiers expertise. When the floor or sills are welded in incorrectly, it may affect the shape of the bodywork – and then suddenly you won’t be able to close the doors for example.

That’s why you should leave any welding thas has to be done to our experienced welders. They have all the proper equipment, as well as the best-quality parts to work with. And, of course, we also take good account of the original welding seams and spot-welds. Once your car had welding carried out by the 2CV Mehari Factory, it will look as good as new!

If your 2CV need welding work, don’t hesitate to make an appointment!

We’ll start by taking a critical look at the car and then give you a price quote for the parts to be replaced or welded.

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