Building a new Citroën 2CV

Thanks to the collaboration between the 2CV Mehari Factory and Citroparts – your online webshop for 2CV spare parts we are able to build a totally new 2CV for you.

Citroparts is the exclusive Benelux distributor for 2CV Mehari Club Cassis and has the most extensive catalogue of spare parts possible for the Citroën 2CV. Not only can you get top-quality spare parts but you can also buy original new parts, because MCC has purchased the original moulds from Citroën.

What do we mean by a totally new 2CV?

This differs from a total restoration, where we begin with an entire car and reuse the parts that are still good. With a new 2CV, we literally start from zero. We still need the car documents for a Citroën 2CV, which you can obtain yourself by purchasing a 2CV, but we also have “donors” available that are too far gone to restore, but are ideal for creating a new 2CV.

So we build a new rolling base for the car, with a chassis of your choice, then add the suspension arms, axles, tyres, fuel tank, etc.

Then we fit the engine and gearbox.

The bodywork is sprayed in the colour(s) of your choice, always working with the original sheet metal so that we can guarantee quality.

The car is then fitted with a totally new interior, selected by you, as well as new wiring sets, lights, roof and so on.

Everything is possible – and can be discussed! To get an idea of the possibilities and options, you can assemble your dream car online!

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