Work on the body of a Citroën 2CV

The Citroën 2CV comes in bright colours and because the various bodyparts are the way they are, enthusiast can paint the car in as many colours as they like. At meetings you will regularly see 2CVs in special colours – and even with each part painted in a different colour! So, if you have a Citroën 2CV, you can have the bodywork in the original paint or in a palette of bright colours.

The weather also has an effect on the appearance of the top coat of paint. red is especially UV sensitive. After years under the sun, the red will become dull and lose its colour. Treating it with special products may improve the original colour again, but sometimes the best thing to do is completely repainting the car.

It also may be the case that some body parts need replacing if they are pitted with rust or have been damaged.

thanks to our many years of experience with classic cars and more specifically with the Citroën 2CV, the 2CV Mehari Factory can assist you with all kinds of minor or major work to the body of your 2CV.

We work with the best-quality products so that we can always guarantee a great-looking result. We have the colour charts and codes for all the paints used by Citroën. But if you would prefer to have another colour that was not originlly applied by Citroën on their 2CVs, you van have that as well!

If your Citroën 2CV has ever had a different coat of paint and we are going to work on part of the body at our workshop, then naturally it is very important to avoid any colour differences. What we do is that we scan the part in question to define the exact composition, so we can remake the paint.

And finally, you can also come to us to have parts sprayed that you can fit yourself, such as a front or rear wing.

If you are interested in receiving a no-obligation price quote or would like to come and discuss the various options with us, do not hesitate to make an appointment!

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