Minor and major servicing of a Citroën 2CV

The mechanical side of a Citroën 2CV may seem simple in comparison with modern cars.

Yet each 2CV has its own history and it is important for the car to be checked regularly for defects or for things that might go wrong. In the end, the youngest 2CV’s are almost over 30 years old!

You can come to the 2CV Mehari Factory for a check or service on your beloved 2CV:


Standard, we check the following components of your Citroën 2CV:

  • Level of fluids both oils and brake fluid and spray fluid
  • State filters
  • Complete ignition circuit (spark plugs, cables and ignition)
  • state brakes
  • State suspension, steering and drive
  • Lubrication steering and suspension
  • Operation lights, horn and windscreen wipers
  • Condition tires and tire pressure
  • Complete start and charging circuit
  • Adjustment of the engine
  • Engine and gearboxes
  • Complete bottom

Depending on the number of kilometers driven and the time since the previous service, the parts listed above will be replaced if necessary. Of course this is always done in consultation with the customer. Please contact us to make an appointment if your car needs a maintenance.

Once these checks and eventual repairs have been conducted, your vehicle should be ready for the road. If your 2CV has to go to inspection, we just need to do the fine tuning of the lamps and the CO. Afterwards you can go to technical inspection (MOT) by yourself,  or we can do it for you.

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