I own a classic car, which I want to restore, but first I want an offer. How do I proceed?
You can always come to us for an indicative price quote. You can either bring the car to us after making an appointment, or we’ll come to pick it up from you. Our experienced trade professionals will take a critical look at the car and produce an indicative price quote for you, based on your requirements and what we feel is necessary. This quote is obligation-free!
Can i sell my car at 2CV Mehari factory?
That is no problem and lots of people do it.

But the vehicle must be at our workshop in Tienen so that potential buyers can come and view the car here.

Can I also have restoration works carried out in parts?
Of course we can always divide up the restoration work on your classic into parts.

That way you can continue to enjoy you car between the restoration sessions!

Do I need to bring the car with me to get a price quote?
We often receive a few photos in our mailbox of a Citroën 2CV, Mehari, HY or other A-type, with the request to produce a price quote.

This is virtually impossible to do based on photographs and so we would rather not do so. Because often there are more things that play a role in the quote than just looking at a few photos.

For this reason, we would always ask you to make an appointment and also to bring the car with you to our location. That way we can talk to you first and listen to what your requirements and budget are for the repair or restoration. We will then take a critical look at your vehicle, taking those wishes and comments into account, while applying our expertise.

We will then provide you with an indicative price quote. If you approve it, we can then make arrangements for the actual work to be carried out.

However, if you are not able to bring the car to our workshop, we can also come and collect it from you, regardless of whether it is a Citroën 2CV or HY.